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How can we assist you?

Firstly  the research shows that  Chiropractic is safe for all pregnant patients.

Our Chiropractor here at One Body, Dr. Emily, has done post graduate studies involving techniques and well-being advice  to assist the ever changing mum’s body shape and range  of movement throughout all stages of pregnancy. 

She has three kids of her own all birthed naturally with no intervention through the Chiropractic vitalisitc lifestyle . You are in good hands. 

Having a baby should be one of the most amazing and rewarding time in a mothers life, it can certainly be challenging too.

By balancing and aligning your spine we can help it to become as flexible and strong as possible to adapt to the changing pressures of pregnancy .

This is important for  your comfort, energy and physical well-being but also so important for you babies development and growth to be free of any constraints that might arise from mum being out of balance with a compromised nervous system.

Research shows that women also experience 24% reduction in labour time and have a better chance of a labour without intervention which is of course safer and healthier for mum and bub. 

Are you having trouble conceiving?

“Your body is an amazing creation that can accomplish numerous miraculous tasks including creating a new life. These miraculous tasks are accomplished under the direction of your nervous system” -American Preganancy Association

Chiropracitc focuses on the relationship between the structure of your spine and the function of the nerves. We don’t claim to cure fertility  but based on the results seen in our office regularly and previous research  it is clear that improving biomechanical integrity of the spine can assist in achieving ideal function of the nervous system to regulate body systems better including reproductive. It appears as though the effect on the autonomic nervous system as a whole helps to normalize the menstrual cycle, improve hormone function and decrease the overall stress response in the body, which all help to provide an ideal environment for conception.! 

Come in and talk with Dr Emily, get checked and see if we may be able to help you.