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What to Expect

Your Initial Consultation

When you first arrive at One Body Chiropractic clinic, you will be greeted warmly and welcomed to our practice by our friendly chiropractic assistants. After filling out the essential but brief initial consultation forms, Dr Emily will meet with you to listen to and discuss your concerns.

The first step in an initial Chiropractic consultation is to confirm that you are indeed a Chiropractic candidate. We need to make sure you are in the right place to get the care that you need! This is done by asking a series of questions. This way we can find out exactly what is going on and how we may be able to help you. If at any time during the consult Dr. Emily feels someone better in the community may cater to your goals and needs she will let you know straight away.

Dr. Emily will then perform a gentle, complete, non-invasive examination. This will determine whether or not we will be able to help you and the extent of your problems.

Once all examinations are complete, Dr.Emily will know exactly whether an X-Ray image is required. Not all cases will require X-Rays; this is determined individually once all examinations have been performed. Once you have been thoroughly examined and Dr. Emily has gathered all the required information, you will be able to schedule your second visit, which is known as the Recommendations. It’s at this visit that our chiropractor will then be able to explain what was found, confirm the results expected and move forward with the best recommendations of care to get you well as soon as possible.

Your Second Visit

This second visit is your Recommendations visit. Dr. Emily will go over your exam results with you and show you the best course of care for the outcomes you want. This will involve identifying the findings from the initial consult examination and interpretation of any xrays taken.

This xray information is a vital part of a thorough chiropractic consult as it may identify changes and abormalities that may have otherwise been missed. lt will give you a full understanding of exactly what is happening with you and why you feel like you do. lt will identify and confirm the problem, how long it has been there, how long it may take to correct and answer any other questions you may have.

Once you have had your results explained and a mutual agreement about desired goals and outcomes has been attained a recommendation of care will be given with a clear plan to reach those goals with ongoing re-assessments along the way. lf there are any questions, these will be answered by the Dr, a schedule made with the chiropractic assistant and then you will have your first adjustment. Our aim-to get you well as soon as possible. Each adjustment you have builds on the next. These first two visits are both 30 minutes in length.

How far will you take your Chiropractic Care?

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