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Infants & Kids

Yes, we do care for babies, kids and teens here at One Body Chiropractic.

In fact, we love caring for kids as most of the problems in adults begin in their spine and nervous system when they are young.

We love giving kids a better opportunity to grow up without those problems there now and in the future.

The first 1,000 days of life are essential to a child’s health and will give them the best start to life.

When is best to start chiropractic for babies, kids and teens? Right now is the best time!

The best time to get them checked is now to give them the best opportunity to respond to their environment better. Research shows that 80-90% of babies have some structural issue from birth whether vaginal or cesarian. Things that happen at birth don’t just go away.

Everything is harder for them when their spine is not in balance as it will affect their brain and their nerves and therefore their development and as said earlier, how they respond to their environment.

Every organ is connected to the one under the hat 🙂 We always want what you want. We use very very gentle specific techniques. Dr. Emily has post-graduate paediatric education and training. Apart from having her own three kids she is an expert in all things health for your little ones. She is here to help families thrive.  When kids are at there best, its better for the whole family..

Some common indicators (but not limited to) that your child’s spine is out of balance are:



Primary School

Secondary School

Please call our office for more support, we look forward to helping you build strong adults.

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